Anna Lee is a Saint Paul-based milliner and designer with a heart for community and a mind for industry development for independent fashion and the arts. Her hat making career started over 15 years ago when a dress she designed needed something extra. She founded Ruby3 in 2000 and proceeded to take on every creative project she could, including founding the rock-n-roll fashion show and design incubator Voltage: Fashion Amplified in 2004, and the fashion organization MNfashion in 2006.

She currently works in accessories product development for Target Corporation and is focusing on developing seasonal collections for Ruby3 and mentoring emerging designers.


Apr 19, 2014

Shop for Ruby3 at June or Online

Many of the Ruby3 Spring Hats are available at June on 34th and Lyndale in Minneapolis. But if you are not in Minnesota, you can now purchase you own Ruby3 hat at the Ruby3 shop on Etsy.

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